modern bathroom vanities for sale

Modern Bathroom Vanity Designs

As the time goes by, bathroom vanity designs are more various these days. There are vintage and modern bathroom vanity designs. Any designs you pick, this is your choice because you know your needs. Here are some modern designs of bathroom vanity that could be your inspiration. You can go to the nearest store to see directly the results or products. This modern design can match well in any themes […]

bathroom stall design

Clean Up the Bathroom Stalls

Bathroom stalls are very common to be found in public places, like malls, schools, and other institutions. Stalls are useful to make the use of bathroom more efficient because they provide some stalls for some people. They do not need to queue too long because of one stall only. As the public places are used by many people who have different habits, the public bathrooms stalls are very sensitive to […]

bathroom renovation ideas

Finding the Bathroom Renovation Ideas

Get the bathroom broken? Do you want to find services for fixing the problems? You should try to apply our bathroom renovation ideas! Since we have finished with so many renovation duties in many homes, this is our turn to fix yours. Don’t worry because we are experts in bathroom renovation. Below we give you some ideas to redesign and renovate your bathroom. Bring new atmosphere in the bathroom with […]

bathroom partitions hardware

Bathroom Partitions: Something to Know

Bathroom partitions project is one of bathroom remodel or renovation project. It is applied in any business like home, religion sites, or offices. We have done many projects with the partitions. Besides, we also deal with stalls. During the projects, we use the best brands and ways to install and remodel. It makes the bathroom look more modern and fresher. So, for remodeling the partitions in bathroom, we understand how […]

diy bathroom remodels modern

DIY Bathroom Remodel Ways

Bathroom remodel is a big job for many people who get problems with their bathroom. We have DIY bathroom remodel design that is very useful as your solution for the confusing project in renovating the bathroom. We specify the project in a small bathroom with old design. We choose this because dealing with small bathroom is a challenge on how we need to really manage the budget while we want […]

bathroom renovations gold coast

DIY Bathroom Renovations

Bathroom renovations are needed when the condition of the room is not comfortable anymore. Perhaps you find the peeling wall paint, water leak, broken flooring, and any other problems. Sometimes, it needs much money to renovate the bathroom. But we have some ideas how to DIY bathroom renovation. You may not call the pro if you have understood the elements in renovating a bathroom. The key is to fulfill your […]

bathroom towel rack sets

Ways to Organize Bathroom Towel Racks

Bathroom towel needs a space in bathroom to be placed. To save the space, you need bathroom towel racks there. No need to worry about space for placing a new cabinet for the towels, the racks can do the rest for you. Below we provide some ideas or ways to place your bathroom towel. This is very practical and you will get this easy job by yourself. You can go […]

corner bathroom vanity modern

Best Saving Space Solution with Corner Bathroom Vanity

How do you choose the corner bathroom vanity as one of the saving space solutions? Some people may apply this kind of vanity to maximize their limited bathroom. But, how is about you? If you are still doubt to get the choice, some inspiring corner bathroom vanity with sink will be presented to ensure you that it is a great saving place option. Placing L-shaped vanity nearby the entrance door […]

small bathroom sinks ikea

Enchanting Small Bathroom Sinks that Fit to Your Mini Space

When you only have little bit space to get the vanity bathroom with sink, the Small bathroom sinks are the best choice to take. It is done to make you still having space to wash up whether your space is too fit to your sink bathroom. Hence, space saving idea becomes the first right choice to utilize. Yeah, maximizing the bathroom space with still having the small wall mounted bathroom […]

bathroom vanity mirrors framed

Minimalist Bathroom Vanity Mirrors for Stylish Appearance

Who says that simple minimalist bathroom vanity mirrors will deliver standard appearance? Here, you will know how minimalist mirror design for the vanity bathroom makes your bathroom more stylish. It will depend on how you choose the mirror and combine with the right vanity. After reading the following bathroom wall mirrors ideas, you will get stylish bathroom appearance. Adding the simple square wall mirror is the right choice for the […]